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We know the marijuana business and we know the culture. We’re not here to be trendy or just to ride the new officially permitted marijuana wave. We’re in the pot business because we believe in what we do and believe in doing it right from the start – from growing high quality product to our distinct packaging and selling our items at affordable prices.


We bring a level of experience to our efforts few other providers can come close to matching. Whether you need to fill a pipe, feed a bong or roll a joint, we have the high quality natural stuff you want whenever you need a puff. And no one will mind if you inhale.


Grass is here and here to stay. No longer an underground phenomenon, recreational marijuana has emerged from the shadows into the bright sunlight as a mainstream leisure activity.


Whether you walk or run, ride a Harley, a 10-speed or drive a Prius, we’re waiting for you at Grass.